Developmental Group


Practice time will be dedicated to skill improvement, drills, aerobic development, knowledge of competitive rules and fun. As a swimmer progresses within the Developmental group they will also gain greater competitive experience, learn about racing, and become more aware of swimming times and goals. Practice Groups maintain a low swimmer to coach ratio and progress through a system of drills/techniques for ultimate stroke development of all four competitive strokes, starts and turns.

* Developmental Group is offered five days a week and individuals pick three of those five days, that work with an individual’s schedule, to attend.

Requirements for Developmental Swimmers

Developmental swimmers are new and experienced 6 year old swimmers who can successfully swim 25 yards of Freestyle (front crawl) without stopping or assistance.  They will also learn the skills necessary to compete in the sport of swimming such as working with teammates, following directions and listening to the coaches, more advanced drills, learning and smiling a lot!

Developmental swimmers must meet the following criteria:

  • Legally swim and kick 25 yards in Freestyle without any stopping/assistance
  • Comfortable in deep water and in a group setting away from parents and/or caretakers
  • Recognize IM order
  • Attend three of five 60 minute practices offered each week
  • Swimmers compete in Gator hosted meets and more experienced Developmental swimmers are encouraged to travel to meets

At the end of each session Developmental swimmers will receive a report card from their coach. The report card will contain information in regards to stroke and technique development as well as the swimmer’s behavioral progress made within the session. The report card will state which practice group your swimmer should register for in the upcoming session. It is the athlete’s responsibility to pick up their report card from their coach on the final day of practice for each session.